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LOTEX means the "Lotus Ex (out of)" for the promotion of lubrication function for the coefficient friction in oil and other equipment for friction problems. It is called a "Hybrid Composite Nanospheres"

Effects of LOTEX-100

  • 30.3km/l after distance of 68km with speed of 100km per hour by using Cruise Driving Mode
  • Shapes of LOTEX
  • LOTEX-100
  1. Advantages of 7R
    • 1Reduce Friction & Wear
    • 2Reduce Viscosity & Resistance
    • 3Reduce Corrosion & Oxidation
    • 4Reduce Heatamp; & Aging
    • 5Reduce Emission : CO2, PM, NOx
    • 6Reduce Fuel
    • 7Reduce Noise
  2. Advantages of 7H
    • 1Higher Polishing Effect by Nano-particles
    • 2Higher Dispersity by low Zeta Potential
    • 3Healing Effect on Surface by Mending
    • 4High Grooving Effect
    • 5Higher Fluidity
    • 6Higher Sustainability
    • 7High Power (Torque)


  1. Put directly into the engine oil inlet after shaking
  2. You could apply LOTEX to all kinds of materials for coefficient of friction