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SMBTM 73 Property

1. Length/Diameter/Specific Surface Area are measured through SEM/TEM/BET & PSD respectively
2. Overall morphology is analyzed through SEM

Product Production
Pore Diameter
BET Surface Area
Pore Volume Tap

Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
(SiO2, Au),
CEN Co., Ltd.
2.72nm >1,000m2/g 0.75cm3/g ~0.15g/cm3

TEM & Mapping Image

Au (Gold) Nanoparticle effect

Expectancy Effects of High Functional SMB-73 Composite Material

  • Therapeutic Agent Delivery

    The large surface area-to-volume ratio of SMB-73 enables their surface to be coated with hundreds of molecules (including therapeutics, targeting agents, and anti-fouling polymers).

  • Sensor

    SMB-73 are used in a variety of sensors. For example, a colorimetric sensor based on gold nanospheres can identify if foods are suitable for consumption.

  • Photothermic Therapy

    Near-IR absorbing SMB-73 produce heat when excited by light at wavelengths from 700 to 800 nm. This enables these gold nanospheres to eradicate targeted tumors.

  • Diagnostics

    SMB-73 are also used to detect biomarkers in the diagnosis of heart diseases, cancers, and infectious agents. They are also common in lateral flow immunoassays, a common household example being the home pregnancy test. 

  • Catalysis

    The surface of a gold nanoparticle can be used for selective oxidation or in certain cases the surface can reduce a reaction (nitrogen oxides). Gold nanospheres are being developed for fuel cell applications.