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SMBTM 3 Property

1. Length/Diameter/Specific Surface Area are measured through SEM/TEM/BET & PSD respectively
2. Overall morphology is analyzed through SEM

Applications   Demo price : USD 100/g
Product Production
Pore Diameter
BET Surface Area
Pore Volume Tap

Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
CEN Co., Ltd.
3.45nm >1,000m2/g >1.0cm3/g ~0.12g/cm3

SMBTM 3 vs MCM-41 NP

Structure 3D structure 2D structure
BET Surface Area > 1,000m2/g 500~1,200m2/g
Synthesis Method Sustainable Methods
(Aqueous Condition, Neutral, STP condition)
Lots of Problem
(Acidic or Basic condition, hydrothermal, Solvent need)
Pore Size > 3.4nm 2~4nm
Pore Volume > 1.0cm3/g 0.7~1.2cm3/g
Metal Encapsulation Possible Complicate or Very difficult
Cost Appropriate Very Expensive

Expectancy Effects of High Functional SMB-3 Composite Material

  • High Transparency

    The dispersion of SMBTM 3 is outstanding, and the organic functionalization of the surface can be used to set the refractive index identically to the high molecular compound in order to maximize the transparency.

  • Heat Resistance

    A synergy effect of the silica nano composite material containing a nanoporous air layer(enhances heat insulation, resist printing and glass transition temperature)

  • High Intensity

    Such property can be induced based on the conflict with the stiff 3D linear-structured Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle composite material

  • High Hardness

    The aspect ratio indicated on the surface enhances the surface hardness through the large Mesoporous silica nanoparticle effect

  • Glare Prevention

    An effect of the 3D nano structure/ pore(the haze value is indicated as well as the high transparency) –> properties of AG/AR